I’m Marie-Clarina Cravins but I’ve never gone by Marie, just Clarina. I reside in the cutest little pocket of America (or so I like to think!), a rad little city called Burlington tucked in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I’m a professional chef and not because I accidentally ended up in the career like many other chefs, but because I eat, sleep and breathe food.

Really, cooking, along with having no filter, are the only things I really excel at. My family feels small but big because I’m a single mom of two little ones (Annalise and William, or more classily abbreviated to my favorite beverage, A&W) and one big one (a golden retriever named Hedi) so although there’s only four of us, I’m the only one actually wiping butt around here.

I’ve dreamt of this blog for quite some time now.  Happy scrolling! I recommend starting by falling in love with my recipes before you try to fall in love with me. This is just a happy place. Enjoy!

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