Clarina is actually my middle name but my parents have called me it since the day I was born. For the sake of suspense I won’t tell you my first name.

I’m making this blog to cultivate my personal internet home. At all times I have so many things going on and I’m constantly getting recipe requests, questions about the food and products I’m buying, inquiries about restaurants, questions about where my shoes are from and I just wanted to make myself a place to store and share it all.

I’m a self taught chef who comes from a long line of cooks and you will probably always find more food on here than anything else, but I’m also a mom to Annalise and William which is my favorite job of them all, I own a couple of businesses, I’m Connor Daley’s favorite girl, I’m a pet mom to a golden retriever and a kitty and I absolutely love, love, love updating and keeping our beautiful home.

Recipes, life hacks, travel tips (traveling with kids anyone??) and more…. COME N GET IT BAYBAYYYYYY!

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