Penny Cluse’s Swiss Chard Pie

This is one of my all time favorites and probably my second favorite savory pie in the world, right after my moms tourtiere (a French meat pie), which is saying a lot. This isn’t a permanent item on the Penny Cluse menu (it should be!) but it’s a frequent flier on their specials menu and I keep my eyes peeled for this thing like it’s a religion.

Let me get to my point; the part where I tell you about this pie and why I love it so much. Most importantly, it has a really, really good crust, almost as good as mine. I’m imagining they use a motherload of Swiss chard to fill one of these pies because its wilted down, I assume with garlic and onion but don’t quote me, until it’s super tender and delicate. Top that off with a housemade bechamel, which is nothing short of perfect, a few fresh tomato slices and then its baked until it’s bubbly, golden and has a slightly crispy top. If that doesn’t sound good enough, it’s served with a side of house made pepper relish, pickles and slaw. That pepper relish is the star for me; Well, that and the whole pie.

This is the first thing I’ve ever posted in the “other people’s food” portion of my blog, so you can imagine, this is a special dish to me. I once tried to recreate this Swiss chard pie and it was a 7 to their ten. As a chef, I love when that happens.

Eating other people’s (amazing) food is what got me to fall in love with what I do today and it will forever be my favorite pastime.

Penny Cluse is a restaurant in downtown Burlington.

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